How to use confetti as part of your event decorations 

The tradition of throwing confetti at weddings as the happy couple leave the church or venue is longstanding, but incorporating confetti elsewhere in wedding parties and into other styles of events is becoming more and more popular as variety and choice increases. The options really are endless when it comes to confetti – you can mix and match different colours or choose two staple colours to complement your theme. Read on for a few creative ways to introduce confetti at your special event.

Sprinkled down the aisle

Petal confetti is available in a variety of styles and colours and makes a lovely addition to your grand entrance when sprinkled along the aisle either before your guests congregate or by your bridesmaids and flower girls as they enter the venue. Be sure to check ahead with your venue to confirm they’re happy for you to do this though.

Table decoration

There is so much capacity to be creative with the table decorations at your wedding reception or party venue. Confetti makes a great addition to any celebration and can be as subtle or as obvious as you’d like. Variations that contain glitter elements will look fantastic for an evening party with candles or disco lighting to celebrate a milestone birthday. More muted pastels could be better suited to an afternoon wedding breakfast where there is lots of natural lighting, a christening or even a baby shower. Our confetti can be purchased loose here.

Confetti balloons

Clear balloons filled with helium and confetti look amazing. Co-ordinate your event colour scheme with various bunches of balloons containing different varieties of coloured or shiny confetti to create a fun element which adds to the appearance of your venue. Younger guests will also have lots of fun playing with them as the party continues! This is a great idea for birthday parties, engagement parties, christenings and baby showers.

Baby showers

Throwing a baby shower and baby gender reveal party has become more and more popular in the last decade – they’re a perfect fit for using confetti in all shades of pink and blue. Gender reveals tend to be based around the cutting of a cake but why not surprise your guests with closed boxes of confetti containing the reveal colour of the impending new arrival? Everyone can open it at the same time to put your own individual stamp on the party.

Here at Dollz Confetti we pride ourselves on selling high quality confetti for every occasion; we’d love you to share your comments and ideas for how you’ve used confetti to add to your wedding or event!

Weddings are filled with traditions, including tossing confetti over the bride and groom. It’s something you’ve no doubt participated in at numerous weddings and you’ve admired the beautiful photographs of the couple as the confetti fills the air around them. But where does the tradition come from? Read on to find out.

The tradition of throwing confetti actually hails from Italy and has become a common feature at weddings across the continent. Traditionally thrown as the happy couple leave the church, confetti symbolised bestowing prosperity and fertility on the new union, demonstrating the good wishes of the wedding guests. Confetti has been used in British weddings since the pagan times but what’s thrown has changed a lot.

When tossing confetti first began, it was usually rice or grain that was used, with flowers and petals sometimes making an appearance too, as these were commonly used as symbols of fertility and wealth. This was gradually replaced with small, coloured paper discs that had become popular in France and favoured for their delicate appearance arriving at British weddings in the late 1800s.

While the coloured discs grew quickly in popularity, they’re not liked by venues and some have gone as far to ban them all together. The confetti is considered ‘messy’ and ‘litter’ at venues, leading to another shift in what’s used to capture beautiful wedding images of the newlywed couple.

Environmentally conscious brides are increasingly turning to biodegradable natural confetti, going back to the flower petals that were often thrown in Italy decades ago. The natural option not only means that venues are happier for the confetti to be thrown but have many other benefits too.

Of course, the confetti is biodegradable, eliminating the risk of it causing harm. It also gives couples the perfect opportunity to perfectly match their confetti to the bouquets and other décor items and benefit from the beautiful scents of the petals. As a result, natural confetti is back in the popular books, it’s even been used at celebrity weddings, including those of Catherine Zeta-Jones and Gabby Logan, as well as royalty when it was the ideal option for environmentally friendly Prince Charles.

Confetti is a long-standing tradition meant to shower the married couple with well wishes for the future, a sentiment that’s still just as important for couples tying the knot today.


Photo credit to Tobiah Tayo