7 fun ideas for wedding day favours

7 fun ideas for wedding day favours

When you’re planning a wedding, it can feel like there are a million and one things to think about. The wedding favours might seem like a small detail, but they can really help tie everything together and give your guests something to remember your big day by.

If you’re looking for quirky ideas that are fun, we’ve got seven for you to consider that could really help make your wedding unique.

  1. Fortune cookies

Food favours don’t have to be boring. Your guests will love cracking open their fortune cookies to see what’s in store for them over the coming months. You can even create fortunes yourself to place inside.

  1. Photobooth props

Love the idea of a photobooth but want it to be more flexible? Give props to all your guests as a wedding favour. Your guests will have plenty of fun swapping props, from princess inspired crowns to comedy moustaches and you’ll end up with a selection of photographs to look back on and smile at too.

  1. Flowers

Has your wedding got a natural, outdoorsy theme? Giving flowers as a wedding gift could be perfect. Beautiful envelopes or bags filled with real petals will be plenty of fun to toss, as well as offering stunning photograph opportunities, or small potted plants your guests can grow at home are ideal. Our fettiwands are a great option for floral fun too.

  1. Flower lollipops

While you’re considering flowers, adding flower lollipops can give your favours that extra wow factor. They give the traditional sweet an adult twist that’s perfect for spring and summer events.

  1. Mini puzzles

If you’re a fan of retro style puzzles, why not hand some out to keep your guests amused on the way home. Think sliding picture puzzles or mind teasers to give your guests a blast from the past, younger guests will love giving them a try too. For a personal touch, you could have them specially created with your names and wedding date on.

  1. Quirky ornaments

If you really want to give a favour that says something about you both as a couple, why no pick out quirky ornaments that your guests can display long after the wedding bells? They could be seaside themed to reflect your honeymoon destination or show a hobby you both love.

  1. Midnight snack packs

If you’re hoping for a party atmosphere that lasts until the early hours, make your wedding favours practical. Little boxes filled with treats to dig into at midnight can help keep your lively party going long into the night without having to worry about hunger striking.

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