If you’re planning an incredible wedding day, whether it’s your own or you’re helping out a friend, confetti is an important factor to consider. It’s one of those long-standing traditions that guests and the couple alike look forward to, plus there’s the bonus of the confetti filled wedding photographs creating a romantic setting.

On top of the choices between colours and styles, you’ve got to pick whether you want your confetti to be natural petals or paper. Unsurprisingly, we think there’s a lot of benefit to choosing beautiful real petal confetti to shower the happily married couple with. Not convinced? We’ve got six reasons to tempt you.

It’s right on trend

Paper confetti has been used for decades but it’s slowly being pushed out by real petals. It’s the on-trend confetti option that’s fast becoming a wedding staple. Hollywood stars and even royalty have opted to use natural confetti at their wedding thanks to the eco credentials and stunning look.

Real petal confetti is biodegradable

One of the key reasons real petal confetti is growing in popularity is the impact the traditional alternative has on the environment. In contrast, natural petals are entirely biodegradable and don’t carry any potentially harmful chemicals.

Real petals look beautiful in photographs

A snap of the couple leaving the venue surrounded by confetti is iconic and real petal confetti can enhance it even more. Natural petals look stunning in images and make the wedding couple look as though they’re standing under blossom trees.

It adds a great scent

Not only do real petals retain their attractive natural look, they hold on to the scent too. It makes them a great option to give as favours, scatter around your venue, and toss over the newlyweds.

Many venues have banned traditional paper confetti

Numerous venues, from traditional churches to modern marquees, now ban paper and plastic confetti. It’s often considered messy and noted for its negative impact on the environment. It means it might not even be an option to use traditional confetti, so natural petals are the perfect alternative.

You can ensure it matches your bouquets perfectly

If your wedding is set to be filled with flowers, real petal confetti gives you a new way to incorporate a floral theme. Confetti can be perfectly matched to bouquets and décor items to bring your whole wedding together.

You don’t have to be an eco-warrior when it comes to planning your big day but considering some environmentally friendly touches for your wedding ceremony and subsequent celebration can be both easy and rewarding. Being eco-conscious can also help your budget stretch a little further, which most brides to be will appreciate! Read on for our five top tips to make your wedding a little more eco-friendly, without compromising on style or appearance.

Avoid using transport

When considering your choice of venue it might not seem obvious at the time, but choosing a venue where you can arrive on foot or by natural means will reduce your carbon footprint. Choosing a location that incorporates a space for both the ceremony and the reception will also make the need for transport much smaller. This can go a long way to making your day greener, especially if some guests are already travelling to be with you on your big day.

Use local ingredients for your menu

Requesting your caterer or chef uses locally grown, seasonal produce will not only taste delicious, it’s also a way to put something back into the local economy by supporting local businesses. If you also source organic ingredients then it’s a double win for the environmentally conscious happy couple.

Biodegradable confetti

The moment your guests shower you with confetti after you have said your vows and become partners in marriage doesn’t have to be harsh to the environment either. You can purchase biodegradable confetti in every shape, size or variety to complement your special occasion from our website here. This is often preferred by many churches and other venues so is well worth considering.

Pick your own table decorations

Decorating your venue is a vital part of the day. This is when your guests will really appreciate your personal taste and theme. Using locally picked flowers, ferns, berries and sticks to make centrepieces can be really effective, giving a natural look against starch white tablecloths or even on vintage tables with no linen.

Use alternatives to paper

Wedding planning can mean sending out an array of paper – from save the date cards to official invitations then the place names at the reception and subsequent thank you notes. To avoid using unnecessary amounts of paper for each stage, you could rely on email or a group on a social media platform to let your guests know the finer details of the day. Place names can be written or painted on stones or leaves found in your garden or local parks and will make a quirky statement.


There are lots of ways to respect the planet and do your bit for the environment on your happy day. What ways can you think of to contribute to an eco-wedding theme?

If you’ve followed our story at all you’ll know that we also own The Dollz, the original! The Dollz is a makeup and hair company primarily for Wedding and Brides. I’ve always had a huge passion for makeup so when we had an order for Becca Cosmetics I was a little bit excited to say the least!!

Any makeup artist knows that Becca provides some of the best highlighters around and I swear by their concealer. They’re a fantastic brand, instantly recognisable for always wanting to be wherever their latest campaign was shot!

#BECCAROYALGLOW was held last week and the invite list included some of the best bloggers out there, you know the kind that are celebrities in the beauty world. If you know, you know.

Finally offering themselves in the UK (I think QVC was the place to be before) apart from being online, they’ve teamed up with John Lewis to offer their full range. This was a VIP event to announce this along with a brand new highlighter!

Basically we had to make up 200 (yes 200) Confetti Poppers with our gorgeous real gold petals, add in some biodegradable silver sparkles and pack them all off to London.

We were covered in sparkles (still are) and had 200 stickers to foil too with their tagline for the event #beccaroyalglow

We’re extremely proud to be a part of what’s almost a different branch for us, not being wedding related and all. Who knew confetti could be used at such a special event. We’ve spied them across social media all week and obviously pinched every photo for the memory box.

Confetti isn’t just for Weddings, it can be used for any celebration and we have the added extra of an in-house graphic designer to take care of any designing and artwork for your event.

We love being a part of goody bags and can create a unique product just for you and your occasion. We’d love to hear from you!

Chanel… Louis…. If you’re reading… Confetti is what you need!