petal confetti can be used for confetti cones or baskets

Everybody loves a celebration, and there’s no better way to celebrate in style than with some gorgeously scented petal confetti.  Whether it’s an intimate anniversary milestone between you and your partner or a large wedding with hundreds of guests, petal confetti gives every celebration that special touch of elegance and class. Not only does it look amazing, but it gives off a wonderful aroma too

Weddings & Receptions

Petal confetti is the floral stamp of approval for any wedding.  It can be used to litter the aisle behind the bride and groom or spread around the guest book for a beautiful addition. You can sprinkle it over the tables at the reception afterwards to set the romantic mood- there’s no wrong place to use petal confetti at a wedding celebration.

The variety of pastel colours can be conveniently selected to match the wedding theme, and their soft and gentle look will give your ceremony that special touch that sets it apart. Throwing petals as the bride and groom leave the church is a given.

It’s also a beautiful gesture to have a friend sneak into the wedding suite at the hotel and spread petals on the matrimony bed.  Taking these few simple steps to make your bride feel appreciated and valued is guaranteed to start your lifelong relationship on a solid footing.

Anniversary Celebration

It’s always fun to use petal confetti to surround the tables, chairs and sofas as you direct your guests from the front door to the inside of your home.  There’s nothing like that romantic touch to impress your family, friends, and significant other.

A romantic bathroom with a filled bubble bath, candles and a floor coated in flower petals is sure to win brownie points on this special milestone. You could create some frivolity by allowing your children, or even an energetic pup, to carry a basketful of petals just for fun.

Baby Shower

A baby shower evokes sensations of all things feminine and maternal, so beautiful petal confetti really helps to make this day a special one.  You might consider placing petals around the gift table, just to make sure baby has a proper welcoming into the home.

If the shower is a surprise, you’ll surely bring tears to the expectant mother as she beholds the effort you’ve gone to at making the setting appear so homely with a real expectation that something magical is soon to be upon the couple.