If you’re planning an incredible wedding day, whether it’s your own or you’re helping out a friend, confetti is an important factor to consider. It’s one of those long-standing traditions that guests and the couple alike look forward to, plus there’s the bonus of the confetti filled wedding photographs creating a romantic setting.

On top of the choices between colours and styles, you’ve got to pick whether you want your confetti to be natural petals or paper. Unsurprisingly, we think there’s a lot of benefit to choosing beautiful real petal confetti to shower the happily married couple with. Not convinced? We’ve got six reasons to tempt you.

It’s right on trend

Paper confetti has been used for decades but it’s slowly being pushed out by real petals. It’s the on-trend confetti option that’s fast becoming a wedding staple. Hollywood stars and even royalty have opted to use natural confetti at their wedding thanks to the eco credentials and stunning look.

Real petal confetti is biodegradable

One of the key reasons real petal confetti is growing in popularity is the impact the traditional alternative has on the environment. In contrast, natural petals are entirely biodegradable and don’t carry any potentially harmful chemicals.

Real petals look beautiful in photographs

A snap of the couple leaving the venue surrounded by confetti is iconic and real petal confetti can enhance it even more. Natural petals look stunning in images and make the wedding couple look as though they’re standing under blossom trees.

It adds a great scent

Not only do real petals retain their attractive natural look, they hold on to the scent too. It makes them a great option to give as favours, scatter around your venue, and toss over the newlyweds.

Many venues have banned traditional paper confetti

Numerous venues, from traditional churches to modern marquees, now ban paper and plastic confetti. It’s often considered messy and noted for its negative impact on the environment. It means it might not even be an option to use traditional confetti, so natural petals are the perfect alternative.

You can ensure it matches your bouquets perfectly

If your wedding is set to be filled with flowers, real petal confetti gives you a new way to incorporate a floral theme. Confetti can be perfectly matched to bouquets and décor items to bring your whole wedding together.