Confetti Poppers


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Confetti Poppers or ‘Fetti Poppers’ as we like to call them are a great addition to your wedding. Some order for Bridesmaid boxes and personalise with names.

They can be presented in a crate for your guests. We even have some brides that pop them on each chair for their guests to use once wed.

Using the confetti poppers is the next trick. Unlike most other confetti companies, we do not recommend you popping them. Unless your bride doesn’t mind being hit by plastic and your photographer is prepared to photoshop out all of the lids and sticks.

We recommend a few different ways which all involve removing the lid first; Whizzing it round in the air so it sprinkles over the happy couple (we prefer this option) or throwing your arm up fast into the air (keeping hold of the popper). Please note that these do not 'pop' like the pyrotechnics on the market.

Poppers will be sent with enough petals to fill them. We don’t want your petal poppers bursting in transit. We will make at least one up to show you how they should look.

Font and styling may vary following current trends. If you do not state a custom sticker design you will be sent out our current trending stickers from our range.

Our confetti petals are biodegradable which is perfect for churches and wedding venues as most only allow biodegradable, real confetti petals. Our confetti is not harmful to the environment.

Dried petals do vary in shape, size and colour depending on the time of year and crop. We try to include as many picture of our mixes as possible to give you a varied idea of this blend.