Here at Dollz Confetti we really love Christmas. This means that it comes as no surprise that we really want to make sure that your Christmas Eve Box is as magical as possible with the gifts in our new Christmas range! You won’t find anything else like them!

Plenty of parents now have a naughty little elf helper coming to visit them during the festive season, which means that creating a Christmas Eve Box for the elf to bring your little one is a pretty great idea!

Not sure where to start when it comes to making up a Christmas Eve Box? Well, we have put together some of our top tips to make sure that you have the ideal creation that is going to impress your kids, even those that are starting to think that Santa might not be the one bringing the presents for them at Christmas.

Get the right box

The size of the box that opt for when making your Christmas Eve box will really depend on what you want to put in there. Some parents decide to create big boxes that they pop colouring books and pencils in, whilst others go for something smaller and more compact. The truth is, any old box will do. They don’t have to be anything too special, particularly if you are not going to re-use. They can be as plain as you like as you are then going to decorate them.


So, unless you buy a pre made Christmas Eve box, then you are going to need to put some effort in and get creative. Not ideal for those parents that feel their arty crafty skills leave something to be desired. The truth is, it is really easy to make a Christmas Eve Box. One idea we have seen is to get glittery duct tape and use this to decorate the box.  You can then tie a big, glittery ribbon around it to really jazz it up.

Another great way to simply finish off a Christmas Eve Box is to wrap it in festive wrapping paper. Something that we are absolutely sure you will have lying around your house.

Personalise it

One of the nicest touches that you can add to your box is to make it personal to your child. This is also a great idea if you have more than one kid and you want to make it perfect for them. Glittery pens or paint are great for adding names to the boxes, or if you are worried it will look messy, then why not buy letter stickers to make sure that it is neat.

Fill it

Now the best bit, filling it. As we have mentioned, every parent will have their own idea of what their child will want to see in their box. If you want to keep it simple then you don’t have to spend out a lot of money, perhaps just their favourite sweets, some reindeer food and maybe a note from Santa reminding them to head to bed so they can get their presents!

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