Butterfly Printed Packets


The prettiest paper confetti around! Captured on camera just like real fluttering Butterflies. Each packet has enough Butterflies for 1 handful. White. Biodegradable. Super pretty!

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We are beyond excited to introduce our new Butterfly confetti! We’ve had so many lovely comments, we’ve even had to push the release forwards due to all the messages.

Some of the most stunning confetti pictures have been created with Butterfly confetti and the best part is, they’re biodegradable too!

When you see the pictures back, you’ll love how they look exactly like the real beauties! An array or stunning white butterflies fluttering in the air.

Super for the environment as our Butterflies are 100% biodegradable too!

You will be sent with enough Butterflies to fill your packets.

How to use: Our Butterflies are around a similar size to real ones which means you don’t need a big handful. We’d say around 7-10 butterflies per handful.  Just like the real thing they need handling carefully to get the best possible picture and you also need to try and keep them from squashing to get the best Butterfly confetti shot!

Our confetti is biodegradable which is perfect for churches and wedding venues as it will disappear within a few weeks and is not harmful to the environment. This is now the only type of confetti allowed at most wedding venues.

Dollz confetti is perfect for packaging into cones, confetti poppers and cannons. There are some gorgeous pictures on Pinterest for displaying your confetti for guests on your big day.


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