Sharing Tubs


Confetti sharing tubs are completely unique to Dollz Confetti. Each tub will have enough flower petals in for two people.

Filled with your choice of colour(s) mixed with slow fall Ivory or why not choose our natural dried Rose petal mixes.

Each sharing tub has enough confetti in to share between two people.

They can be presented in crates or stands for your guests, we also love Confetti Bars with personalised quotes (we sell these too). If you have different mixes in the tubs you can also separate these by colours of petal types too.

We’ve had word back from brides and grooms that popped them with the order of service on each chair before the ceremony.

Grab a handful and throw the petals up in the air and over the newly wed couple!

Tubs are sent out with enough petals and sticker(s).

When your pink parcel arrives pop in a call to your Bridesmaids, any excuse to have a girls night – Grab a bottle, some grub and pack your wedding confetti.

If you do not state a custom sticker design you will be sent out our current trending stickers from our range.