Fettiflare. Create an awesome Wedding shot with our smoke! Choose your colour, pull the wire and strike a pose!! Only available in UK.

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Fettiflares allow you to create an amazing smoke effect photo.

Once you pull the cord allow 3-4 seconds before coloured smoke will plume for 30 seconds giving your photographer plenty of time to capture your shot.

Let your photographer know your plans as they will no doubt be very giddy and have their own ideas too! Many a time we’ve been told it’s one of the favourite shots from the Wedding day for both the couple and photographer.

  • Walking shots
  • Background smoke
  • Group captures with various colours

Important safety notes

By purchasing smoke or pyrotechnics from Dollz Confetti I understand the conditions of sale & use. Pyrotechnics are to be supplied and used by over 18s only. Not to be used indoors or confined areas. Always seek permission when using in a public place.

It is illegal to use Fettiflares in sports stadiums in the UK. Smoke can cause breathing difficulties.

Dollz Confetti reserve the right to share information if contacted by the police should misuse of these products take place. Not for use in locations that could cause concern or panic.

I have read and understant that pyrotechnics can only be used in controlled areas or on private land and can confirm that I understand these conditions.


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