Dollz Glitter Bar


Everything you need to set up a Glitter Bar at your event! One of the biggest trends of 2017!

Includes: Glues, Brushes, Glitters, Personalised sign, Gems.

Guests can use your pop-up Glitter station to sparkle the night away.

Note: All glitter is cosmetic glitter and glue is safe for skin use.

  • WORDING. Names, dates, quotes etc.

    SHINY. Add a foil finish to your sign.

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Dollz were one of the originals on the Glitter Bar front. We’ve had so many requests for us to come and glitter guests for Weddings and VIP events that we just can’t do them all – This makes us sad!

We wanted to come up with something that allowed us to be able to get our Glitter Bar service out far and wide to everyone that wants it. Who doesn’t want to sparkle!?

Dollz Mobile Glitter Bar – Have a Glitter Pop-up Station at any event. Sparkle into the night.

Included in our Glitter Bar is a super sparkly personalised sign, glitters, glues, gems and brushes. Everything you would need to set up at your event for all your guests to use.

All the glitter provided is cosmetic. Glue is safe to use on skin. Short information sheet included with more details. Keep away from eyes. Removal with oil and a good scrub!!

Please get in touch if you have any specific requirements. Our in house design team will take care of all your Glitter Bar needs.

Font and styling may vary following current trends.


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