25 Pyramid Confetti Cones and Tray


Confetti cones with lid. Perfect! 25 Pyramid Cones complete with a tray, they sit perfectly in form for your guests to pick up before the confetti walkway is created.  Each cone comes with enough confetti to fill them and can be personalised with a sticker.

  • 1. Cone tray

    2. Add a shiny foil

    Foil not available on Kraft trays

    3. Cone stickers

    Add foil to your stickers

    4. Basic confetti options

    Choose your Dollz mix

    5. Delivery options

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Our package features specially designed confetti cone trays and fits 25 of our pretty Pyramid Cones in.

Pyramid Cones, a new confetti cone design to our range and the best bit about these is that they have a lid too!

These cones are perfect to pack before the wedding day due to being able to seal them. Perfectly fitting in a tray ready for your guests to take their petals on the wedding day.

Available in Kraft or White.

Each cone will hold approximately 75ml of confetti. This gives more than our packets and pots, so will allow for 2 small handfuls.