Sunset Shimmer


We’ve taken 2 of our most popular colours and blended them together. Introducing our Burgundy Rose petals to our gold Funfetti.

This mix will create a gorgeous colourful wedding confetti picture on your special day!

A blend of Gold Funfetti paper confetti and Red/Burgundy Rose petals.

A stunning autumnal blend made up of Red/Burgundy Rose petals and Gold Funfetti

Funfetti is brand new to Dollz Confetti, we’ve been having lots of fun with it! Sometimes it’s not possible to get the colours you need from petals so this is where Funfetti steps in.

Funfetti is paper confetti. It’s also super for the environment as it’s 100% biodegradable too!

All of our mixes are hand mixed in house at Dollz HQ therefore you will never find a confetti mix the same anywhere.

Our confetti mixes are sold in 1 litres.  By purchasing 1 you will receive 1 litre. We test our confetti and also how many handfuls are in each mix. I would allow between 12-15 handfuls for this mix depending on how you choose to display your confetti.

Our confetti is biodegradable which is perfect for churches and wedding venues as it will disappear within a few weeks and is not harmful to the environment. This is now the only type of confetti allowed at most wedding venues.

Dollz confetti is perfect for packaging into cones, confetti poppers and cannons. There are some gorgeous pictures on Pinterest for displaying your confetti for guests on your big day.

Note: While we can never 100% guarantee that there will be no colour run from any of our petals (including the natural ones) we have carried out extensive testing and have never experienced colour running both in our tests and from customer feedback.

We’ve tested every type of confetti out there… Capture your perfect moment ♥


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