Snow Confetti Petal Packets


Add some pretty petal colours into our fabulous Snow Confetti. Personalise your sticker for that extra touch.

Super friendly for the environment as it’s the first water soluble confetti. in our best selling ‘Fetti Bags’.

Non-stain | Non-toxic

We now offer compostable packets for an extra 3p per bag. We do not profit from this, we offer this at cost price. Please select ‘Eco friendly’ for this option.

Confetti packets are a long standing favourite when it comes to confetti. Now available in Snow Confetti Bags.

Our top tip is popping a bag on each chair before the ceremony or get one of your bridesmaids/groomsmen to hand them out just before the confetti shot.

Bags are sent out with enough petals and sticker(s). We don’t want your bags bursting in transit. We’ll always try to make up at least one to show you how they should look. If you do not state a custom sticker design you will be sent out our current trending stickers from our range.

When your pink parcel arrives pop in a call to your Bridesmaids, any excuse to have a girls night – Grab a bottle, some grub and pack your wedding confetti.

Packs can be made up on request at a cost of £1.50 each.

Font and styling may vary following current trends.


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