Ivory + Raspberry Flutterfall®


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Ivory + Raspberry flutterfall - Our best selling wedding confetti!

The most fabulous biodegradable, real petal confetti for your Wedding day.

How much do you need - Our litre guide

Confetti is sold by the litre.  By purchasing 1 you will receive 1 litre of confetti. 

1 litre will give you: 10-15 handfuls loose | Fills 20 packets | 10 cones

What is Flutterfall™?


We wanted to create a mix that gave awesome shots every time, to do this we needed different petal shapes and sizes. Our Flutterfall is made up of several different petals, all biodegradable. We've created a mix that flutters and spins as it falls this is mostly down to the different shapes and sizes in the mix.

We LOVE flutterfall for many reasons, one of the main is the confetti photos. We're never disappointed when we see Flutterfall shots. We've popped some on to show you!

It's totally unique to us, we mix this up ourselves after sorting, separating and spinning the petals in house.

Whether you're going for a confetti runway or a set still, buy enough and it's pretty set to be your favourite shot of the whole day!

When should you order?

Another reason why Flutterfall is the best... It lasts. When stored indoors in a cool and dry place you have it for years. We're currently on 4 years and counting!

Your confetti will arrive in a zip lock bag for storing. You can keep it as it is or package it up and then pop it back in the ziplock bag.

You can choose to delay your order if you wish, we'll post it out 2-4 weeks before the date you give us (normally your wedding date).

Order processing times

Our standard processing time is 5-15 workings days, this is always dependant on how busy we are. On rare occasions this can be increased during peak season. 

Delayed delivery

We offer 'delayed delivery' which allows you to order your confetti and tell us when your wedding is, we then post out your delayed order 2-4 weeks before the date you provide us with. This is usually your wedding date, unless you're getting married abroad or would like extra time to prep.

Urgent orders

If you're in a hurry select urgent delivery and pop us a message with your order number and date needed for. We can meet quick dispatch times and ensure your order is prioritised. Urgent orders are also sent via 24 hour postal service too.

If you do not get in touch out your order will be sent out up to 10 working days after it's been placed. 

Extra information

All of our confetti is biodegradable which is exactly what venues want to see, most only allow biodegradable, real confetti petals.

Dried petals do vary in shape, size and colour depending on the time of year and crop. We try to include as many pictures of our mixes as possible to give you a varied idea of this blend.

Some of our petals are dyed using specialist, non-toxic colour designed for use. While we can never 100% guarantee that there will be no colour run from any of our petals (including the natural ones) we have carried out extensive testing and have never experienced colour running both in our tests and from customer feedback.

Check out our instagram page for more photos and videos @dollzconfetti