Letter soap


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The cutest gift to send through the post to someone you're missing. Why not combine it with one of our cards too!

Our soaps are goats milk soaps.

You get: One personalised letter

Sensitive skin: Please tick the box if this applies and we will not add any fragrance to the soap.

If you buy a word or name, please advise in the notes so we can ensure that it is packaged correctly for you.

We adore handmade, personalised products. We have a gift for everyone!

We advise using soaps within 3 months. Store in a cool and dry place, away from sunlight, moisture and warmth to prevent soaps from sweating.
Our soaps use natural colourants and are made with natural goats milk. Our soaps are moisturising and gentle on the skin. Suitable for vegetarians and not tested on animals.