Mirror acrylic


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The one that catches everyone's eye. Anything cut in mirror is truly stunning, available in different colours, these scream luxury and reflect the light stunningly.

If there is a colour that you're looking for but can't see, please let us know as we'll no doubt have this or can order it in from our suppliers.

Styling details

Please pop any information in this box that you think might help us when it comes to designing your sign. Theme and sign use could be helpful. We cannot however guarantee anything written in this box, it is for our use when designing if possible only.

You're probably loving our signs due to the fonts and styling, please bear in mind that with this comes thinner fonts, these are easier to break. Our wooden signs look so amazing because we don't use standard fonts so please be careful when you get it!

This listing is for one line of text. If you request multiple lines or layouts this can be done and will be joined together but only at the total length you choose as shown on one line.

Processing time

Order processing time is currently 5-15 working days.


Standard is 5-15 working days processing time and will be sent via our 48 hour postal service.

Urgent is up to 5 working days processing time and will be sent via 24 hour postal service.

We do have the ability to post for set dates but please do reach out to us if you have a required date sooner than our stated times to see if this is possible. 

Useful info

Styling varies depending on current trends and text suitability. In order to have the name/word as one piece every order is designed to ensure that all letters are joined where possible.

Depending on the font used can vary the sizing of individual letters and therefore the set. Please let us know if you have a set font you'd like to use, we will advise if this is possible.


Please do not list photos, we update our pictures all the time to keep you up to date with our latest designs. We highly recommend you do not list a picture for your sign due to fonts being adapted to words/names and not always looking the same with different characters. Trust our design process to choose the most suitable for your text.

If you choose to add on sticky dots we will send you enough for your size of stand. We cannot be held responsible for using the dots on different surfaces, we would always recommend researching the correct product to hang your sign for your end result.

Bear in mind if you would like an apostrophe in as example this is more than likely going to come separately, ensure you consider your text before inputting.
If you have a size you'd like to stick to please advise and we will try our best to meet this.

Personalised items cannot be returned.