No Touch Keyring


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The perfect gift not only for the current situation but who gets creeped out touching the toilet door on the way out, why do they even make it a pull door!?

Even more so now we are seriously aware of germs. When out and about there are common danger hotspots when it comes to surfaces, No Touch stops you having to directly touch a surface.

You won't find a cuter design. Don't worry though if pink isn't for you... We have more masculine options too!

Our No Touch keyring ensures you do not have to come into direct contact with any surface. 

Uses - Opening doors, drawers, handles, lift buttons and cash machines.

Easy to clean | Lightweight and Compact

Wholesale requests available

We're super excited to be able to offer this product with free postage.

Simply attach to your keyring or keep in hand and you won’t need to touch another door, press another lift button or move an object with your hands again!

The teeth edge ensures non-slipping when being used to open doors. The size is 8mm in length and will sit on your keys without bulking them out.