Refill Kit


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If you have already purchased from us previously whether that be for Christmas or an occasion then this is the set you need to refill and revamp for Christmas 2021!

We have updated our stickers this year, only slightly but the fonts are more current.

You get: Snow confetti refill and a new sticker.

This is for refill only, no popper is included. Choose to add biodegradable glitter to your snow for £1.00 extra.

Snow Confetti is plant based making it non-toxic, colourless and biodegradable. This makes Snow Confetti safe for children, animals and the environment too.

There are several ways to use our Christmas Eve Popper's, the most popular for the younger ones is to remove the lid and swirl in the air. The Snow Confetti will flutter and twirl in the air as it falls to the floor and covers them!

Order processing time is 5-15 working days. We will ensure all orders are received in time for Christmas so please do not worry if this would take the date past Christmas.