Tillandsia Silver


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Tillandsia Silver is a bigger version of our minis, a little too big for our magnets so these plants are perfect for our mini pots. The leaves are a stunning grey/silver tone.

Why we LOVE Air Plants so much

Our first love comes from them practically looking after themselves, for all you plant killers out there, this is the one for you. Capturing their needs from the elements in the air, gaining them their name.

They like a mist every so often and quite enjoy a bath once a week. Fill the sink up and dunk them!

Possibly the cutest thing is when they reproduce, also known as Pups. You'll spot one on Mum and they're possibly the most amazing thing ever. Certainly worth an instagram post (tag us)... You can either leave them with Mum or move to a new place and watch it grow. You're officially a plant Mum.

in a Our latest obsession and you can so see why! Air Plants practically look after themselves, that's right, if you're a plant killer... This is the one for you.

You'll be sent a care card making these sweeties perfect to treat yourself or gift someone special.