This is the confetti countdown – 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 run-through of picture-perfect with a thousand and one confetti petals surrounding you and your happily betrothed – unique, individual and a little fun (the days of dull, dreary and seriously stuffy posed pics are well and truly gone).

1. Blow your guests a kiss to say “Thanks for celebrating with us!”

What better way to say “hey, here’s to you being part of our big day” than personalised thank you cards with a photo of you both blowing a kiss full of confetti to the recipient?

Ideal confetti for this snapshot? Work this pic with your wedding theme colours in mind – if you’ve maintained the same palette from seat bows to your wedding stationary, then you’ll want to see this right on through to the last hurrah. Luckily for you our confetti shop has more colour combinations going on than Kim K’s wardrobe.

2. Take your shoot to dizzying new heights

Looking for that perfect shot? Pucker up for a shot from above – with confetti falling all around. Think creativity, romance and perfect composition. Your photographer will need to plan ahead however, as he/she will need to discover the perfect position from where he can perch up high (along with at least two confetti throwers).

Ideal confetti for this snapshot? Heck, Romeo and Juliet’s balcony will have nothing on the romance of this scene, for which the pretty in pink (and cream) Fluttershy will be perfect; or, if you fancy something bolder and brighter, go for broke with the pinks and indigos that Mrs Cake serves up).

3. A snowstorm for the first dance

Who says that confetti is for just after the church, and no other key moments? A whirlwind of petals can really add a little gentle drama to images of your very first dance together.

Ideal confetti for this snapshot? Choose a light, white confetti to illuminate what will be a relatively darkly lit backdrop on the dancefloor. For this, there is our pure Ivory Petals or the cream and pastel blue mix of Trixie.

4. Make the kid-focused photos a piece of cake

Ask any wedding photographer and they’ll tell you that capturing perfect images when it comes to kiddies can be tough going. For this, there is confetti – the ideal distractor and photo prop for perfect pics of the little ones.

Ideal confetti for this snapshot? Fettiwands are the perfect confetti spreader for little hands – while the sprinkled confetti will add interest and dynamism to the image.

5. White winter wedding

If you’re lucky enough to have the heavenly white winter wedding, snow and all, you should capture a perfectly pure white background with a confetti that contrasts.

Ideal confetti for this snapshot? You need to think about colour contrast here – so pick from the vivid pinks of Sour Sweet or the rich yellow and purple hues of Pudding Head.